Top Rated Local® Drive-In

Below are some updates that we told you were coming:

(thank you for your patience)

- Gates will open at 7:30. Movies will start at dusk.

- Our max capacity of vehicles on Screen One will be 225 cars and on Screen Two it will be 125 cars.


- All basketball courts, volleyball courts, play grounds etc will be OFF LIMITS AT ALL TIMES.


- You may watch the movie directly in front of your vehicle or behind your vehicle if you wish to be outside but must remain directly by your vehicle and stay away from other customers.

- We will be having a food ordering app coming soon which will allow you to order directly from your vehicle! More details to come!! In the meantime if you wish to order food you may send one family member to order and he or she MUST be wearing a mask.

- The ONLY TIME you may leave the area of your vehicle is if you are going to use the restroom or if one person from your group is going to order food.

- Our concession stand will be open for restrooms only and the number of customers allowed in at a time will be limited. Anyone who enters the building to use the restrooms MUST be wearing a mask, they will not be provided. The bathrooms will be closed periodically throughout the evening to allow for cleaning.

- Online ticket sales will also be coming soon, more details to come! In the meantime you will not be able to purchase tickets in advance.

- It is encouraged that you bring a BATTERY OPERATED RADIO so you are able to listen to the movie on that versus using your vehicle battery. This will help limit the number of jumps that need to be done at the end of the night. We are doing what we can do keep our customers and employees safe. If your vehicle's battery were to die, don't worry we won't leave you hanging! We will ask you pop your hood and stay in your vehicle and someone will be out to assist you.

- If you or anyone in your group that you plan to come to the movies with are ill, PLEASE STAY HOME.

- If at any point you are not abiding by these rules you will be asked to leave. Safety is our number one priority for bot our customers and our employees.

** These are different and trying times for all of us. We appreciate your understanding and patience with us during these times.