1. Keep your ticket stubs.  In the event that a problem may occur, your ticket stub is proof that you paid your proper admission for the night.

2. No REFUNDS.  No RAIN CHECKS.  The only one exception to this rule would be that if a mechanical/electrical failure were to occur during any part of the first showing and would prevent the first movie from being shown, we will make the decision that evening to either refund your admission price or allow you a rain check to come back a different showing the same season.

3. No leaving and re-entering the theater.  If you do so, you will be charged another admission so come prepared.

4. No CARRY-IN FOOD or DRINK of ANY SIZE OR AMOUNT.  No exceptions and no excuses.  If you have any special dietary needs you must contact us at least 24 hours prior to visiting the grounds for a show.  If you are caught with any food or drink items that were not purchased at the Field of Scenes they will be confiscated by security or you will be asked to leave.

5. No ALCOHOL allowed beyond the marked point.  If you are caught with alcohol or any glass bottles beyond that point it will be confiscated by security. 

6.  FIREARMS or any other dangerous weapons, are prohibited on theater property.

On the theater grounds


2. The playground is CLOSED once the show starts.  Parent's are responsible for supervising their children at ALL times.  

3. Only ONE space per vehicle.  If you wish to sit outside of your vehicle, please sit in front of your vehicle to allow for another vehicle to park along side of your vehicle.

4. Absolutely no RESERVING or SAVING SPACES.  If you want to sit by some friends or family that are coming to the show as well make sure you arrive at the same time.  Spaces are on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS.

5. We ask that LARGE vehicles park towards the back of the grounds to respect those trying to enjoy the show around them.  We reserve the right to re-park any vehicle.

6. Hatchbacks must be tied down even with the roof line.  Feel free to bring some bungey cords or we will provide twine at no charge.  

7. ​No sitting on the roof of your vehicle.

8. Pets are ALLOWED however, owners are COMPLETELY RESPONSIBLE for the behavior of their pet.  Pets must be leashed and under firm control when outside of the vehicle.  NO animals are allowed inside any of the buildings.  You must clean up after your pet.  

9. Please clean up after yourself at the end of the evening, there are garbage cans located all around the theater grounds.

10. We DO NOT tolerate FOUL or ABUSIVE LANGUAGE to any of our staff or guests.

​11. The sound is provided via your radio in your car, therefore we suggest that you arrive in a vehicle that has a working F.M. radio or bring a portable boom box.  We DO NOT rent or loan out radios.  Screen one: 89.9FM Screen two: 100.7

12. No headlights or stepping on your brakes when the movie is on.  Do not shine flashlights on the screen.  Laser pointers are strictly forbidden. 

**We just ask that all guests be courteous to our staff as well as to other patrons.  Our goal is to have everyone have an enjoyable time.  We always try our best to put our customers first, but we still need to enforce our rules.  If you have questions feel free to email us under the contact us tab** 

In order to make sure that all of our guests have a safe and enjoyable experience, we have established the following rules.  When you purchase your tickets and enter into the theater grounds, you are agreeing to abide by these rules.  Thank you.