Tim and Brenda wanted to create a place where families can come together to create memories as some of their greatest childhood memories were made at the drive-in when they were just kids.

Tim and Brenda's days of popping popcorn and asking "Would you like butter on that" are coming to an end.  They are passing the family tradition on to their children.  Their children have grown up with the drive-in and watched it grow into the business it is today.

Where it all began.....

Their children are going to continue to run the business just as their mom and dad would.  The number one thing is that the Field of Scenes continues to be  a great place for family and friends to hang out whether it is for a birthday party or just a night out.

Tim and Brenda's children have worked countless hours at the drive-in throughout their lifetime thus far and are looking forward to continuing to expand what their parents started from a dream back in 2003.


Established 2003

On to our 2018 season......

Tim and Brenda VandeWettering built the Field of Scenes from a dream from the ground up and opened their gates for the first time on July 4th, 2003.  

Things were a bit different back then.  The movies were ran by a 1953 Century 35 mm film head.  Today the movies are ran by a Digital Projector as we all know technology is advancing it is no different for the entertainment industry.